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How to search for people / property owners on RealCloud?

Get accurate contact information for any property in USA.

How to search for people / property owners on RealCloud?

Category:  Tutorials
Publish Date: 12/30/2018

There are several ways to search people on RealCloud. We distinguish people search from property owner search.

When using the people search feature, you need to already have some information about the person, such as on the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Username

If you have that infomation already and want to search for a person, follow this link: People Search.

In most cases, especially when prospecting, you usually have only the address, neighborhood or zip code, and you want to find more information about the property owners in that area.

Finding The Property

There are two ways to search a property (for a logged in user):

  • Using the top search bar

  • Using the map

In both cases you can filter your search using the filters on the top left.

RealCloud makes it possible to find people's accurate contact information. You can find it using address search or personal info like first and last name.

Opening the Property Preview

If you typed an exact address in the search bar, the property preview will open. If you search by map, you will need to click on a map marker or property snippet to open the property preview.

Unlocking a Property

In the property preview, you can unlock the property and see the property information such as mortgage, sales, building and legal information. We also provide the owner's name and a phone number in most cases.

If you want more information about the owner such as mobile phone number, work history, address history, social media accounts, photos, age, gender and more, you will need to perform a "Deep Owner Search"

To perform a Deep Owner Search, click the summary preview or the tab on top:



Once you are in the Deep Owner Search tab you can either search a specific owner (most accurate) or search the address. Searching an address gives back all the people who are associated (not just current owners) with the address.

And that is it!