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How to Gain Leads Through Social Media

How to Gain Leads Through Social Media

Category:  Prospecting
Publish Date: 8/20/2019

Social media is an absolute must in real estate lead generation in today's society. People are so busy with their lives that they only check in on things through social media. In fact, between meetings, and on breaks from work, they are on social media. And I’m not just talking one social media platform, they are on all of them. And you need to be too. 78% of businesses are now getting leads from social media. This article is going to go over many of the social media outlets there are and how to gain leads on them.


Facebook is one of the more established social media sites, as well as the site most used with over 2 billion users. It is also the number 1 social media sites that real estate agents are using for lead generation. Everyone has a Facebook page. But you shouldn’t use your personal Facebook page for your business. Your personal Facebook page has pictures of your vacation and your family, Your children. You don’t want people you are working with to see that. Instead, open a separate account with Facebook just for your business. The best way to post is to add pictures. If you notice a post on Facebook just takes up a little bit of space and gets missed by many people. But if you put a picture in there the ad takes up much more space and the picture catches your eyes. You can post pictures of homes you’ve just listed or just sold or a picture of a client with their review of you on it. But you should only post pictures of your listings 10% of the time. The rest of the time you should post informational items like decorating idea, something about a certain area in the city and a little about that town. Or a new attraction that is coming to town. Always include a picture and a link to your website. Start visiting and sharing your brand with the local Facebook sites. Every city, every town, every area within that city has a Facebook page. And if it doesn’t, start one. That way you are directly accessing people in that direct area. Do this if you are farming just a certain area. This will certainly bring you lead generation. The other thing you definitely want to do is start putting up videos on Facebook. I know it is not comfortable for a lot of people, but statistics show that people want to see a video of their potential agent. It is a very video engaged time in society, and the video posts tend to get more likes and clickthrough’s


Twitter is also a big part of lead generation with over 328 million users monthly. Again… add photos. They take up more space, can be viewed easier, are flashier, and get more clicks, retweets, and conversion more tweets to leads. Twitter goes a little faster than Facebook does. People tweet about everything in their life. Sometimes they tweet that they just got coffee and are on their way to work. Many tweets go through like that, so in order to make a presence, you need to post a lot on twitter. I mean like up to 10 times a day, with pictures, and anything from a funny quote or picture, to a link to an article on your blog. Now they are on your website and looking around and you have accomplished lead generation. Always use #hashtags. People search using those hashtags. Use something like #HoustonHomes or #Houstonproperties. Also, use @someonesname directing the tweet to someone in particular. Everyone will see it, but you are directing it to someone you know. Most times you don’t know your prospective clients' twitter or Facebook handle though, so how do you get it? There are CRM programs on the market, one of them named RealCloud. This program lists properties by maps, by area’s, and by locations. And they list every name of every owner of every property in the country. It’s not just phone and address information either. They have listed social media handles…the best way to direct market to a whole direct neighborhood individually. Now that’s lead generation at its finest. With Twitter, follow everyone you want to do business with. Follow people to be followed. When someone sees you are following them they will most likely follow you. Now you are getting your name and website out to more people. You can also do a Q&A session on twitter. Set out a Q&A session and let people ask you questions, for example, maybe someone wants to know the steps to buy a house, or someone is a new investor and wants to know some more information on how to succeed at it. Guaranteed, if you give out the advice they need, and it comes to the time they need your services, you are going to be the first one coming to their mind.


Pinterest can be a very potential real estate social media program. You can achieve great lead generation with this program, yet very few real estate agents use it. Pinterest gives you the ability to take all those great home and garden pictures and pin them on a board in a collection. The first board you should create is a location board. The location board, all about where you live and work, would show great pictures about your city and things in your city. Post a few pictures to this board every week. New attractions would be great on this board. And make sure all your pictures click through to your website. Your listings board would show your listings. This board has the potential of giving a ton of traffic to your listing page. Place pictures of all your best listings and write about 150 to 200 words about each picture. Post the best pictures of the homes and remember Pinterest is where you turn pictures into website clicks. Every picture should have a click through to your listings page. Virtual cues sell houses and it seems like realtors have great pictures of homes and great redesign ideas. People love to view information on how to redesign a room or patio. Place a little bit of writing on each one and click it through to a blog on your website with the full article. Put these pictures up on your board and you are sure to get website traffic.


Most real estate agents aren’t using LinkedIn for marketing purposes. They use it to mix and mingle with other people in their business, get together and collaborate with others like them, or even someone in a totally opposite business that they could work together with and offer something no one else is offering. But every person you meet, every person you sell a home to most of them have LinkedIn profiles and you can follow all of them. Before long you have an eclectic group of people that might not know you but are linked to someone you know through someone else. Join local groups, make yourself known. This is when you start writing informational pieces about your real estate, market trends, things people don’t normally know. Even post your professional accomplishments or achievements. This will boost your visual stance in your circle. When someone in your circle, or even someone they know, is looking for a home you better believe you are going to be the first one on their minds. Lead generation through a program not set up for lead generation.

You Tube

YouTube is probably the least used social media site used for real estate lead generation, yet according to the National Association of Realtors, 85% of people want to use a real estate agent that uses video. They want to see you and see you show them your knowledge. That is why agents that use YouTube are cashing in big. The first thing you want to do is create a YouTube channel, complete with your logo, a statement, and an introduction. Create your first video introducing yourself to your followers. Then start creating videos to show properties, do a whole listing showing as if you had clients there with you. Highlight the best part of the property. You never know this video may sell this house just like it sold homes in the ’90s when they would show the home listings shows on Saturday mornings. Boy, have things changed, but the concept is still the same, only cheaper. Just like with every other social media channel don’t make your listings the entire thing shown on your channel. Show different hotspots around town. The newest attraction, the neighborhood parks in different areas of town. Even things to look out for when you are buying a house, or drone videos of beautiful properties. Just don’t drown your channel with a bunch of sales talk. Be real, don’t be a fake person just trying to make a quick buck. Clients can see that a mile away, and no one wants to be sales talked. That’s why we stay away from used car lots. But on the other hand, don’t forget to put the links to your website, and the name of you and your company. Before posting your video, make sure you write a great description of the video, with good use of keywords especially your location. The video, and the description together is what is going to be the key to your lead generation tool.

There are many different social media sites, many new ones coming on the market every day. Each one of them with their own ability at lead generation. Keeping up with them all and posting pictures, and stories, and articles, and hashtags, and videos. It really is a full-time job. There are some programs out there that you can hire to take care of it for you. Or many people hire someone on as a part-time job just to work on their social media sites. No matter who does it for you, remember good use of hashtags, not only on twitter but throughout many of the sites. And above all else only use listings for 10% of your posts. The rest is just informational content about real estate, everything related to it, and things your clients would be interested in. It’s not a hard sell. It’s a soft sell. Throwing a lure out into the world, and slowly bringing people to see what you have to offer. You are building your brand. If you have someone do it for you, make sure you have control over it, check in on it often, and make sure you are hiring someone you truly trust. If you do it yourself, do your best. It is a very time-consuming thing to add lead generation from social media, but it can be very lucrative. Do your best and don’t let the demands of it bog you down. You can only do as much as you can do, and when you are making more money you can hire someone to take control of this for you and start hiring assistants to grow your business.