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Different Ways to Prospect

There are different ways to prospect, some of them difficult, some tedious, some extremely easy

Different Ways to Prospect

Category:  Prospecting
Publish Date: 8/9/2019

The Tedious Way

One way to prospect for business is to pull an MLS listing of an area you are wanting to work. You can also get this at your title company. Once you have a list of properties you need to find owner information. Owner information can be found online through paid sources and unpaid sources but if its a paid source each owner information needs to be paid for separately. This will give you the owner's phone number but in this digital age, there are many other ways you need to direct advertise besides cold calling including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With each one of these, you need to look the person up and send them a message.
This can get very tedious.
You also need property information in order to know what type of home you are working with so you can sound like you know what you are talking about when you call this person or reach out on social media. A good agent knows everything about their prospective clients before they reach out to them if they want to ensure they get the listing they want to get. They also know everything about the home including looking at the pictures before they call so you can talk about the home as if you've been there already telling them you love the front porch on their home, and how it will likely bring in more prospects because no other homes in the area have porches like theirs. If you can't get the owner information that you want you to need to start door knocking and try to get the information that way. In the summer heat and the winter snow, this is never fun. The other way to get information for the home is in the tax records however a lot of times they don't list the phone numbers and when they do the numbers have often changed.

The Difficult Way

Another way to prospect is to buy leads from a company. This can be good because the person visits their website and puts in their phone number on their website. The problem with this is they normally run it where you need to put in your contact information in order to look in the MLS on their site. The prospect is not asking for help. Many people on those sites are just looking because they are curious so they put in fake information and phone numbers just so they will be able to look without being bugged by agents. When they do put their correct information in you have a good lead, but many times they are not really looking, just browsing and wishing. Most of these leads are people from other states looking into possibly moving but do not have any current plans on moving. This can still be a positive lead if you milk it for a couple of years though. It just depends on how much effort you are planning on putting in to get this prospect a few years from now. The other drawback to these lead companies is they sell the lead to 3 to 5 agents at a time, so when the person is looking on the website and puts in their information so they can look in the MLS, they are instantly bombarded with phone calls as soon as they start looking in the system. So when they just want to look they can't look because the annoying real estate agents are calling their prospect. That leads to animosity with the possible client. So when you get those leads, wait to call them until they have had time to look through the MLS and are ready to talk to someone. Let them know you wanted to wait to call them so they can look through the website without being bugged and now that they have had a chance to look around you wanted to see if they needed any information on the area. This will not work with all leads, but many of them will work with. They will actually thank you for respecting them enough to give them time. This way of prospecting can get very tedious because you don't always have the correct information on the leads and most of the leads do not have current plans for leaving their home towns. This can also prove to be a very expensive way of prospecting costing in upwards of $1500 a month. When I used this type of prospecting I paid that much and was in a six-month contract and needed to give 45 days notice before stopping per the contract. It didn't prove to be worth the money. I used the service for the full 6 months and converted one lead into a sale. They were all just people on the web looking around wondering what it was like to live in Vegas. Website leads can be good leads, you just need to work them for a long time typically before they move. This can be done with drip campaigns, SMS messaging, and social media direct marketing. It can only be done if you have this information for the contact though. You can also gain your own website leads by starting your own website and linking it with your MLS program. There are many real estate website companies on the market that will build your website, and market your website so that you get traffic. This can be very expensive depending on how you do it, but overall it will be cheaper than consistently buying leads from one of the lead farms.

The Easy Way

There is also an easy way to prospect. Programs like RealCloud give you all the information you need to prospect in one easy program. This program allows for streamlined prospecting allowing you to pull all the information you need at one time so you can get to work on contacting your prospects and making money. RealCloud allows you to pull all the information in any given area with just a click of the mouse, outlining an area on a map, or typing in exact addresses. The program gives full owner information, including current phone numbers, owner names, and owner social media information. It allows you to know your client even before you meet them giving you work history, education, residence history, age, relatives and images. You can gain a ton of insight from this information. You no longer have to go to 18 different websites and pay 4 different monthly fees for the information you can gain all in one place. You would have social media information that you can use to direct market to your prospective clients. You know their current phone numbers for cold calling or even a softer outreach by SMS messaging. With millennials now moving into the market technological contacts are changing. Most people, especially millennials, don't do emails anymore instead they answer texts. Texts are normally answered within 5 minutes of being sent so it is easier to get ahold of someone with a text then it is even to get ahold of them by phone. Direct marketing on social media is a new way of catching people's attention. You can get all this information on RealCloud instead of looking for each item separately. Once you know which homes you are going to prospect you need to know the property so you can sound like you know the property once you speak with the owner. The best way of doing this is through RealCloud’s database and full-color photos of each property. RealCloud gives the building, parcel, sales, value, size, and zoning information along with property photos. This enables you to gain information about the property before you even call the prospect giving you an upper advantage over other agents. You also have a database list of property addresses so you can direct market a mailing campaign, or even door knock if you so desire. These are old ways of prospecting but they are still effective. You can do all of this with one program. RealCloud is not expensive, so you can check them out and starting their first month at only $19.99. From then on the program starts at $59.99. This gives you access to the best owner and property database on the market.