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7 Best Real Estate Prospecting Programs

7 Best Real Estate Prospecting Programs

Category:  Prospecting
Publish Date: 9/7/2021

Real Estate prospecting can be complicated for new and experienced agents alike. There are many different ways you can prospect, but each item requires a different program and a different monthly fee. You end up getting your information from 20 different places and wasting hours of your time. Over the past few years, lead generation has gotten much easier with the addition of multiple prospecting programs. Some of these programs cover residential properties, some cover commercial properties with even some covering both residential and commercial properties. This article will go over the top 7 real estate prospecting programs on the market, what they have to offer, and how much each program will cost you.


  • Both Residential and Commercial properties
  • Full property database
  • Accurate owner and resident contact information
  • Integreted with a full CRM
  • Integrated with an auto-dialer
  • First month for $19.99 and $59.99 thereafter

Adopted by Keller Williams, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker agents, Real Cloud is one of the best programs on the market. It covers both residential and commercial properties and lays each property, over 100 million of them, out on an interactive map with robust owner contact information.

This program lists residential, office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and hospitality. The best way to prospect to a client is to get to know them personally. Real Cloud makes that possible giving full information on property owners including owner cell phone numbers, emails, social media information, work history, education, residence history, age, relatives, and images.

It has a record of three billion peoples records all in one program. And with all of this information being on a cloud, it is not on your computer bogging it down and it is accessible from anywhere including your phone.

In addition to the property owner information RealCloud gives you full property information so you not only know your prospect, but you know their property as well. Some of the information given is the building type, parcel, sales history, mortgage information, current value, size, zoning, permits, and images.

RealCloud is integrated with a full featured CRM and an Auto-Dialer. With that you can streamline your entire prospecting process.

RealCloud offers a special pricing starting at $19.99 for your first month and $59.99 thereafter for the basic plan.


  • Both commercial and residential properties
  • Direct marketing
  • Starting at $99

ProspectNow also lists both commercial and residential properties. They have a database of over 10 million commercial properties and over 100 million residential properties. The commercial property database allows you to filter properties nationwide by location, size, property type, building details, loan to value. It also allows you to access owner mailing addresses and phone numbers. On the residential side of the database, it gives you contact information to the current owner and transaction history. An advantage of this program is they narrow properties down according to which ones have a higher probability that they will sell sooner giving you the opportunity to direct market to only properties that haven't sold recently. The drawback to this program is it doesn't give great owner contact information. Prospect now gives a free trial for 3 days, but you need a credit card and get charged automatically after those 3 days are up. Prices thereafter range from $99 to $689 a month.


  • Commercial properties only
  • Full property information

How much does Reonomy cost? Reonomy offers both web application products and data solutions. Pricing for the web application is based on a base package, with the possibility of volume-based cost savings. Reonomy’s data solutions are highly customizable and can be tailored according to an organization’s needs. For both offerings, organizations are encouraged to reach out to Reonomy to discuss customized pricing.

Reonomy is a commercial real estate prospecting program. They have a database of over 50 million commercial properties on an interactive map. This program gives contact information for owners including names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses. It allows you to filter your information with over 300 targeted search filters. You can filter your information according to such things like asset type and sales history. Reonomy pulls information from over 3100 local county assessors, secretary of states, census data, title companies, commercial data and geospatial providers giving them accurate information. This program offers a free trial for 7 days. After the 7 days, you need to purchase the program starting at $49 which will give you only the same information you would find at the local county assessors website. In order to get full owner information, you need to upgrade to the advanced plan at $399 per month.


  • Residential properties only
  • Direct marketing leads
  • Pricing per feature

Redx has 2 programs in one. The first is vortex. This is a residential program only as it doesn't give any information on commercial properties. It lists property information and owner information for different types of leads. Leads that are included are expired leads, geoleads, for sale by owner, for rent by owners and pre-foreclosures. This program gives you access to one or 2 different areas for their price instead of full countrywide information. It gives full owner information but does not go into extreme detail on owner information. They provide only address and phone number. It also gives scripts for you to follow that you can use when you call the owner of the property. The second program is storm dialer which is an auto dialer that dials prospective leads and cross-checks them according to the do not call list. This enables you to call up to 3 people at one time, and you don't have to be on the phone until the person answers the phone and says "hello". Redx does not have free trials and doesn't run their programs on different levels of service, instead, they tailor fit your program according to each aspect of the program. Each item has a monthly fee. Expired leads are $59.99 a month, Geoleads are $49.99, for sale by owner are $39.99, for rent by owners are $79.99, pre-foreclosures are $39.99 a month, and the storm dialer is $99.99 a month with discounts given if you purchase more than one item.


  • Commercial properties only
  • Full property information

Costar is a commercial property prospecting program. This program allows you to search for properties for both lease and sale. It gives you a full list of commercial properties on the market and gives information like vacancy, rents, and stacking plans. It gives comps so you can gain a full understanding of what the property is worth so you can negotiate a great contract for your client. With this program, you can show your clients the true cost of a lease with cash flow modeling. In addition, it lets you keep all of your contacts in one platform along with all your commission accounting. CoStar lists tenants names, lease comps, lease analysis, off-market properties, analytics, professional directories, forecasting, listings, and sale comps. It lists all types of commercial properties including office, retail, industrial, multi-family, hospitality, and land. With over 5.3 million total properties, 114 billion total square feet of inventory tracked, 1.6 million listings for sale or lease, and over 51 million total digital images this is a complete program. Each record shows full-color picture, building information, owner information, previous sale information, and sale and leases comps including previous concessions. CoStar does offer a free trial, and in order to sign up, you have to call them and go through a sales call.


  • Geared toward residential properties and Loan officers
  • No property information
  • SMS messaging
  • Great accompaniment program
  • $79 per month flat fee

Shape software allows you to manage process, properties, and people effortlessly in one place. Shape can be used with both commercial and residential properties, but is really geared more towards residential agents and loan officers. This program does not have property information in it, with this program you would need to add another program like RealCloud for that aspect which would give you the best of both worlds, and since both are reasonably priced it would be cheaper than using most of the other programs. This program has email automation which sends follow-ups and drip campaigns and automates status updates. It also does what most programs don't do, SMS messaging. Most text messages are read within 5 minutes and with millennials becoming a large part of your business SMS messaging is the way to go. Most millennials don't even check their email anymore as it is very much old technology that is being flooded with advertisements. SMS messages are more personal and are assured to get to the client in a timely manner. Shape also can send review and feedback requests to your clients allowing you to gain more referral business and increase your online views. Shape also seamlessly sync's with your MLS program. With a built-in integrated dialer program it just takes one click to dial, take inbound and outbound calls, and add call recording for record keeping sake. It even manages duplicate leads keeping you organized and in the know when hot leads come in. Shape syncs with google maps showing data within the Shape dashboard. It also syncs with your email and calendar keeping you up to date and organized within one platform. Shape offers a free trial of 14 days and after that, the price for the program is one flat fee of $79.


  • Expired and off market data
  • For sale by owner leads
  • Auto dialer for 1 to 3 lines
  • Tailor fit packages ranging in prices

Mojo is another great program that would work great with a program like Real Cloud. It has neighborhood search geo data using a map to create instant lists for just listed and just sold farming prospecting lists that are matched with the do not call list. It pulls expired and market data that is updated daily along with for sale by owner leads that are pulled by over 100 sources. Mojo has an automated dialer that dials your future and current clients only connecting you when someone picks up and says "hello". Auto dialer enables you to call up to 85 numbers an hour with the single user and up to 300 people an hour with the team program. It also connects to your cell phone so you can call these leads from your cell phone and allows it to show client information on your phone when someone calls you. Mojo creates letters, envelopes and labels, and creates emails with email templates for drip emailing. It even keeps track of individual and team achievements and goals. Mojo does not have a free trial and their pricing is tailored to what you want in your program. Mojo dialer is $99, neighborhood search is $40, Expired data is $50, for sale by owner is $25, and reverse look up is $40 a month. Making the top price if you added everything at $304 a month.

Real estate prospecting can be complicated, but with advances made over the past 8 years it is definitely getting easier. Where is used to take all day to find this information from 30 different sources it is now all available in one or 2 platforms. There are 2 different types of programs I outlined in this article, database with exact property and owner informataion, even social media information that may be available to direct market to. And the other is a full CRM program that will call, email, even text people on your farming lists. How easy it would be to cold call on a text message! Where you used to get your information from so many different area's, you can now add one or 2 programs to your regimen and have everything you need at your fingertips making prospecting so much easier