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10 Tips for Real Estate Prospecting

Real estate agents have to generate leads. This is the reason they seek for ways to sharpen their prospecting skills.

10 Tips for Real Estate Prospecting

Category:  Prospecting
Publish Date: 9/24/2019

In the real estate business, prospecting is vital to generate leads for long-term business. This involves engaging in a series of activities such as joining a social club, attending community activities and more. How successful a real estate agent can get is mainly based on how well they can use their prospecting skills. For real estate agents to cultivate business they have to generate leads. This is the reason they seek for ways to sharpen their prospecting skills. At RealCloud, we help streamline your real estate prospecting tools in one place. This ensures that you are able to prospect efficiently while saving time and money. In this post, we have put together the ten techniques to generate leads for real estate agents through commercial prospecting or residential prospecting.

Create a Real Estate Business Website

Currently, many businesses are setting up websites to establish an online presence and increase reach. The same goes for real estate agents. Creating a website allows you to make a listing, which your prospective clients can easily access. When building your agent website ensure that the graphics and navigation features are easy to understand. Integrate an internet data exchange (IDX) feature that allows you to display real estate listings.

Utilize Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the effective and best ways for real estate prospecting. Contents are informative and enable you to share information with your targeted audience to engage, build trust, increase leads and promote brand growth. The use of content marketing includes blog posts, video making, images, social media memes, and more. Ensure that the tone of the content across different platforms is the same and easy-to-understand. This way, you will be on your way of drawing more clients to yourself.

Search for Leads on Social Media

The social media has become an invaluable tool for real estate agents to grow their business. Based on a study carried out by NAR (2017-real-estate-in-a-digital-age-03-10-2017.pdf), more than 80% of real estate agents through social media connect with their community and build leads. Social media such as Facebook allows real estate agents to run ads and engage with its more than 360 million active users. On Facebook, you can set up your business page, reach a specific audience by setting the demography variables and nurture your leads.

Find a Younger Audience on Instagram

If your ideal targeted audience is the millennial then you should consider broadcasting your real estate business on Instagram. On Instagram, there is over 59% of millennial who form the largest part of first-time homebuyers that are actively using this platform. Make daily posts on Instagram sharing the images of properties up for sale and reviews of satisfied customers. Use hashtags to make your business page more discoverable. Use a high-quality image to share your listings, generate leads and build your brand.

Design a Compelling Landing Page

Creating a compelling landing page is one of the marketing techniques to sway visitors to your real estate business website to become loyal to you. Design the landing pages in a way that they will provide the visitors with what they are looking for. This way they will not have to leave without taking desirable actions. Integrate the landing pages into your social media campaigns to ensure a successful real estate prospecting.

Hosting a free real estate seminar is a veritable way of hitting the jackpot for real estate agents. During this event, you will be able to attend the questions that have been bothering prospective clients. Imagine what this can do for your business. Create a popular real estate topic, provide the attendees with handouts with your business name written on them so that you will be the go-to real estate expert when it's time for them to sell their home. Take time to choose the seminar topic as this will help you forge a connection with future clients. Some of the real estate topics to consider are How to Find a Reliable Real Estate agent The Best Time to Buy or Sell a House The Biggest Mistake Homebuyers Make The Benefits of Selling or Buying a House with a Real Estate Agent

Plan a Meeting with Divorce Attorneys

While married people are about to part ways, the need to sell their home at a good price arises. Liaising with divorce attorneys helps you to assist the divorcing couple sell their home in the best way possible. Forming a partnership with a divorce attorney will enable them to recommend you to more divorcing couples to assist them to buy or sell a house.

Print of postcards is one of the oldest and traditional methods of real estate prospecting to gain new clients. The content on the postcard should be engaging to propel a prospective client that has initially not considered using the help of a real estate agent to hire your services.

Create a Real Estate Prospecting Plan

While you carry out real estate, prospecting you should set targets. You can start a real estate prospecting target to reach 100 people every week, post 10 real estate images on social media per day and more. This makes you stay on your toes in making sure your business succeeds.

Maintain Consistency

Whatever real estate prospecting strategy discussed so far that you are engaging, ensure to be consistent with them. The ability to be consistent with prospecting on a daily and weekly basis is key to propel your business to the height you are aiming for.

There you have it! Above are some tips for real estate prospecting. It takes patience, commitment and perseverance to see these real estate prospecting tactics come into fruition. Whether commercial prospecting or residential prospecting, try some of these prospecting techniques and you will be on your way improving your lead generation today. For more information about our services, get in touch with us today. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and discuss the real estate prospecting options available to you. With RealCloud, you can prospect efficiently and save time and money. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.