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Why You Should Use an Auto-Dialer

Within a short period, auto-dialer has changed the ways of prospecting in the real estate sector.

Why You Should Use an Auto-Dialer

Category:  CRM/Autodialer
Publish Date: 5/6/2020

Within a short period, auto-dialer has changed the ways of prospecting in the real estate sector. Just as the name implies, auto-dialer is an outbound calling system that has the capability of dialing telephone numbers of prospects automatically from a list.

That’s just the least of what it does, auto-dialer can detect disconnected calls, answering machines, and other busy tones at users end and detect if a live person is answering the call. When the call is answered by a live person, it then routes the call to an available live agent.

All these cool features of auto-dialers make it easy for call centers to improve their agent productivity, monitor calls effectively and seamlessly, and to generate more leads. Let’s take an in-depth look into some benefits of using an auto-dialer.

Improves Real Estate Prospecting Operations

The improvement of real estate agent operations, in general, has been known to be the major benefit of auto-dialer. With the use of auto-dialer, there will be no need for time-consuming manual dialing, misdialing, or call drops. Auto-dialer also helps in detecting busy tones or noises, voicemails, disconnected calls, or unanswered calls. It detects live answer, and route the connected calls to the agents available.

Agents Talk-time Increases

There’s a need to increase real estate agents' productivity and efficiency in their day-to-day operations. Auto-dialer helps towards this purpose. Manual ways of making calls might make real estate agents unproductive and having less talk time; however, auto dialer makes sure of the opposite by routing connected calls to the real estate agents for handling. Also, real estate businesses can leverage progressive dialers to curtail the wait time between calls, making sure the agent that’s ready to go is connected to handle the customer. Predictive dialers can be used to connect current or potential customs to the agent.

Pre-Qualification of Calls

Auto-dialer happens to be one of the best ways to check whether a customer will be interested in your property. With this software, customers can be taken through a series of questions as they respond to your message. This series of questions in which the answers are predetermined can be used to know if a customer is truly a qualified prospect or an unqualified one that you need not waste valuable time on.

Decreases Agent Idle Time

Battling disconnected calls, unanswered calls, busy calls, or voicemails can be time-wasting. With an auto-dialer, real estate agents can spend their time effectively by interacting with prospects and driving sales without the need to worry about disconnected, busy, or unanswered calls. With its unique ability to differentiate productive numbers from the unproductive ones, it makes sure only answered calls are routed to the agent. Also, call centers can also use the auto-dialer. If an agent is engaged or busy to handle calls, it automatically re-route the call to the agent free to handle the call.

Useful in Generating Real Estate Leads

You can only get meaningful prospects for your business if you are operating at a higher level of efficiency. This means your real estate prospecting and call support system must be top-notch. Auto-dialer is such a great tool that can help a real estate business to achieve this. By reducing agents idle time, and increasing their talk time, it becomes easy and convenient to interact with customers. The auto-dialer can also help in the collection of customer’s information with its self-service option feature. This information, in turn, can turn to valuable leads for the real estate business.

Detects and Separate Unproductive Numbers

Improving real estate prospecting operations has been the mission of auto-dialers. With their capability to detect unproductive numbers like DND (Do not disturb) lines, they can easily separate them from the productive ones. This particular action solves the problem of time and effort wasting while trying to get to some customers, prospects, or unproductive numbers.

Performance Monitoring

Auto-dialer also makes work easy for managers. With its user-friendly interface and dashboard, managers can monitor the performance of real estate agents and activities in real-time. They can generate a variety of reports and measure agents' productivity levels. Also, they can easily access the call quality level, and their agent's skill from both live and recorded calls, which are needed to make sound business decisions.

Increases Lead Conversion

Lead generation is one thing; converting this leads is another thing entirely. Auto-dialer is known to not only generate leads but increase the lead conversion. Thanks to many of its incredible features, auto dialer helps agents to converse with prospects in a more effective way than usual. This, in turn, helps the agents and managers to convert these prospects into home buyers or renters.

There you have it! Above are some reasons why you should use an auto-dialer. Advance in technology has made prospecting operations easy in the real estate sectors. A lot of real estate businesses have now implemented auto-dialer into their platform to improve efficiency and for better prospecting. The benefits of this software cannot be overemphasized, as you could see from the above. It is such an incredible addition to any real estate business.

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