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Streamline Your Process with RealCloud

You need software that can help streamline and manage your processes efficiently

Streamline Your Process with RealCloud

Category:  CRM/Autodialer
Publish Date: 5/6/2020

As a real estate business owner or agent, the key to your success is building your business. Whether you’re an established real estate business or one that is just starting out, your customers are essential to your business. From identifying prospects to nurturing existing customer relationships, and turning lead into clients, you need software that can help streamline and manage your processes efficiently. RealCloud remains the perfect solution for you! RealCloud provides your real estate business with all the prospecting tools you need in a single place. The solution has been integrated with an Auto-dialer and a robust CRM. This ensures that you can prospect efficiently while saving time and money. With RealCloud, businesses can now enjoy various benefits like property data of several clients, accurate owner contact information, robust CRM, and an autodialer to speed up your processes.

How can RealCloud Help Streamline Your Prospecting

The most important components of every real estate CRM tool, including a phone system, prospects and clients database or contact information, property data, and Texting/SMS to follow up with prospects. The RealCloud platform has all these tools and more. The platform also helps streamline all your processes and ensures that you can have your prospecting tools in a single place. Here are some ways that RealCloud help streamline your prospecting:

Save Time with RealDialer

RealCloud features an autodialer known as RealDialer. The auto dialer makes it possible for you to contact more people in less time. Real estate agents can unlock owner contact information through the autodialer. Also, you can add the contact to the CRM, which has been integrated into our app. Through the click-to-call functionality of the RealDialer, real estate agents can now get in touch with several prospects in less time. The RealDialer will help speed up the entire prospecting process and save time. The days of doing repetitive work will finally become a thing of history. RealDialer makes it possible for agents to dial smarter, faster, and without any delay.

Robust CRM that Integrates With Our Data

Furthermore, RealCloud features a robust CRM which integrates with our data. It improves leads and helps you understand prospects better. Also, CRM effortlessly manages contacts and correspondence. In fact, it can replace most real estate office software, while providing your real estate company a single platform that can do it all. The fact that we have the data and the dialer all integrated makes RealCloud more effective for real estate prospecting.

Available Property Data

Also, we have real estate property data for the entire USA, including residential and commercial. Our system provides you with sufficient information about the property, including buildings, parcels, sales, mortgages, permits, and more. Also, RealCloud brings information about Single Family homes, Duplex / Triplex, Condos, Multi-Family Homes, and Commercial properties right at your fingertips. Thus, saving you time and money on researching real estate property on your own.

Accurate Owner Contact Information

As mentioned earlier, customers are essential to every real estate business. In fact, some real estate companies spend a fortune on purchasing the contact information of these customers. RealCloud provides you with accurate owner contact information, including their cell phones and email address. With customer information at your fingertips, targeting prospects will become relatively easy.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Thanks to RealDialer, real estate agents can now save a lot of time in reaching out to prospects and leads. The time saved will help with better time management. Also, you will have enough time to engage in purposeful conversations with interested customers. The integrated auto-dialer will help you manage your time efficiently and improve the overall productivity of your business. As you know, constructive time management eventually leads to better efficiency and productivity for real estate agents.

Workflow Automation

In addition, RealCloud software provides agents with the advantage of workflow automation. Accurate and intelligent workflow automation makes it possible for agents and businesses to streamline all processes that are involved in several tasks. You can simply outline when, how, and in what particular order to complete the necessary functions. This ensures that all tasks, including small and complex tasks, are completed. Workflow automation is highly efficient and helps save time.

Drive More Sales with RealCloud’s Auto-Dialer and CRM

What’s more, businesses can now drive more sales by taking advantage of the auto-dialer and robust CRM of the RealCloud platform. The RealDialer makes it possible for agents to reach efficient customers. Your customers are more likely to listen to you or close a home deal with you when you call them at a time appropriate time to them. RealDialer can dial the customer’s numbers quickly and connect to only the numbers that are answered. This saves you the time you are likely to waste on listening to dial tones and answering machines. Features like these that come with the RealCloud software makes it possible for agents to be more effective. It helps eliminate idle time or non-productive time. Also, you can set appointments and organize contacts into various categories such as Interested, Follow Up, Not Interested, Bad Numbers, Do Not Call, and so forth. With this, you can easily organize data, maintain customer history, drop inefficient leads, and perform other sales-related activities.

Today, there are lots of real estate prospecting software you can find out there. However, RealCloud software has amazing features and benefits that distinguish the software from other real estate office software. With the RealDialer and integrated robust CRM, you can save time, increase efficiency and productivity, and drive more sales. RealCloud has everything your real estate business needs to compete in the industry and be successful. For more information about our solutions and services, contact us today. Our dedicated representatives will be available to speak with you and discuss the real estate prospecting options available to you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and answers. With RealCloud, you can prospect more efficiently and generate more real estate leads while saving time and cost. A wonderful experience awaits you.